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Skyrim SE- Divine Atmosphere Aetherius Revisited- Xbox One

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Dropbox LO:

Full Load Order:

Category 1:
Skyrim Official Patch

Cat. 2
Graphics Pack
Graphics Pack additional
Graphics Pack Add On enhanced+
Diving Texture Pack Furniture and Rugs
Graphics Pack Alt Whiterun Stonewalls
Dungeon Mines T4Gt…
Dungeon Tombs and Ruins T4Gt…
Dungeon Imperial Forts T4Gt…
Dungeon Caves T4Gt..
Divine Architecture
Whiterun NS
Rustic Lands
Skyland Towns and Villages
Immersive sounds
Reverb and Ambiance

Cat. 4
Divine Atmosphere Aetherius
Obsidian Mountain Fog

Cat. 6
Lord of the Rings Locations

Cat. 7
Trees in Cities
Divine Forests
GT’s Gardens of Whiterun
Great Forests of Whiterun
Lush Overhaul
Landscape for Grass Mods

Cat. 8
Better fight AI
Athletic fight
Ragdoll and Force Shout
Visible Favorited Gear

Cat. 9
More Tavern Idles
Immersive Citizens
Splendor Dragons
Rich Merchants of Skyrim
Expensive Skyrim
Realistic Conversations
DragonShout Tweaks
Amazing Follower Tweaks

Cat. 10
Far Better Sun
Northfire’s Photoreal Mountains
Nordic Snow
Changes NPC Clothes-Elaborate Textiles
More Blood and Gore
Enhanced Blood Textures
Enhanced Blood Textures Darker
Design of the Nords
Display Enhancements
Dynamically Disable Eye Adaptation (enabled) and Bloom (disabled)

Cat. 11
Thundering Shouts
Quieter Dungeons and Caves
Celtic Music

Cat. 12
Dragon Remains
Sheogorath’s Cheat Menu
Font Overhaul

Cat. 14
RUNP Female physique replacer
AOF Hair
Girly Animation
Draugr Horrific Textures

Cat. 15
Sleeving Skyrim
Old Kingdom Armor
Old Kingdon Sleeving patch
UNP Female Armor Refitted
Black and Gold Elven Armor
Expanded Skyrim weaponry
Additional Lore Weapons Skyrim SE
Heavy Armory New Weapons SE
LOTR weapons
Old Kingdom Weapons

Cat. 16
Wearable Lanterns
Open Face Guards

Cat. 19
ELFX Exteriors
Alternate Start
Creatures and Food: Realistic
Realistic Wildlife Behavior
Faster Horses
iLike Food

Dynamic Dungeon Loot
Solider On-No More Lazy Jarls
Vanilla Venison
Bounty Perks
Dot Crosshair
Dead NPC Cleaner
No barking canine
Ring of Power
Rustic Weather Presets (harsh)
Tweaked Arrows and Bolts
Faster Bows
ELE Interiors
Realistic Water 2
RW2 LOD patch
No shade patches

Cat. 20 Fix Restore Vanilla Settings


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